Useful Internet Marketing Design Tips to Increase Local Marketing

Local SEO is a fantastic part of “normal” or “classic” SEO. It is used by companies with a so-called “local intent”. Think for example a bakery, barber, gardener or dentist. Hiring the right internet marketing design agency could make or break this campaign.

Tip 1: Make sure you’re a local business

Sounds logical, but many companies overlook this aspect. First, companies need to verify that their business, core business and/or product/service has local intent. Businesses can do this simply by looking at what and who they are (bakery, dentist, lawyer, etc.). Then you need to have a unique physical address. This may just be a “home address”, but it has to be unique (not used by another company).

Tip 2: Use Google’s services

Google likes to push their own products and services. With Local SEO, it is no different. The below items are essential for local findability:

  • Google My Business
  • Google+ (Social Platform)
  • Google Business View

Google My Business

Here businesses can do everything. They must register their business and verify that they really exist (companies will receive a unique verification code). Then it is important to make sure their profile is 100% complete. Think about:

  • Address details
  • Adding photos
  • Gathering reviews
  • Adding a virtual tour
  • Adding a detailed description


There is a lot of uncertainty about this option, mainly because Google+ often changes and is also linked to Google My Business. It is crucial to make complete this profile but also be as active as possible. This said, make sure to regularly post content and stay completely up-to-date.

Google Business View

This is an extra – but it is a very lucrative one. Google Business View is actually Street View for businesses. The advantage is extra exposure on Google Maps and higher local rankings. Transparency is something that Google loves to share. More information about this service can be found on the Google Business View marketing page.

Hiring an expert that has a history of developing websites that are excellent in terms of user experience is a must. This allows sites to obtain more authority by obtaining more links to their website. This can be done, for example, by producing unique content. Social media references and the age of your domain count in building more authority.