Before Anything Else, Talk to a Divorce Lawyer for Help

Going through a divorce can be difficult even for couples who agree to the divorce and all of the decisions that come with it. Anyone who is considering a divorce is going to want to ensure they speak with a lawyer before they do anything else so they can obtain the advice and guidance they’ll need through the entire process. The first thing the lawyer will help them with is determining the grounds for the divorce.

In Singapore, the divorcing party must prove one of the follow five points to be eligible for a divorce.

  • One party has committed adultery
  • One party has exhibited an unreasonable behavior the person cannot live with
  • One party has been deserted for at least two years by their spouse
  • That both parties want the divorce and have lived separately for three years
  • That one party wants the divorce and they have lived separately for four years

A person who wants a divorce from their spouse is going to need to meet one of those points to be eligible for a divorce. However, if they aren’t sure if they meet any of the criteria for a divorce, they should still go ahead and speak with a lawyer. The lawyer is going to be able to help them determine if they qualify for a divorce and, if they don’t qualify now, help them prepare for the divorce when they do qualify.

Once it has been determined that they qualify for a divorce, the next step is for the person to speak with their lawyer about the divorce process, separation of assets, child welfare, and anything else that might be involved in the divorce. It’s important for a person to speak with the lawyer about all of their concerns and to follow the lawyer’s advice so they can get what they need out of the divorce.

If you’re considering a divorce, the above information should be able to help you determine if you qualify for a divorce right now. Whether or not you fit one of the above criteria, however, it might be a good idea for you to speak with a lawyer so you can learn more about your situation. Visit now to learn more or to find a lawyer who can help you.